antique white marble corner sink top

old antique white marble top for corner sink
old antique white marble top for corner sink

This is a beautiful antique stone top for a corner sink, matte finish white/grey/black marble. There are ogee edges where the top is curved at the access corner and around the hole for the sink, there is also a depressed area around the sink.

It measures 22" along the square, 1 1/4" thick and has a 13 3/4" long oval hole for the bowl of the sink. There is a hole and flat chip at one side edge, a rusty bolt is still fitted inside. This will probably be hidden by the backsplash, or covered with watertight caulking.

This is in nice condition, mineral deposits to the underside, some light wear and a few old chips at the top side (clearly visible, but they don't really detract from the looks at all).

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